getting out of the house

Since I illed that last large order I’ve taken a little time off of making books. i’ve been working in my garden and yard getting it ready for summer. I’m happy to report I SHOULD have mowed my lawn yesterday but didn’t. I planned on doing it today but it rained.

We then turned around and dug out a small garden lot. It needs a lot of works still but over all it looks not too bad. We’ve decided to grow a small amount of veggies and hope that they will do well, hopefully at least as well as the dandelions in my yard.

Next weekend we’re putting in herbs and tomatoes. This weekend it was potatoes, peas and beans. Good stuff.

I’ve been spending some time grilling on the weekends and loving it.

I picked up an Alisa Golden book this weekend and when I’m done with it I’ll make a post of my thoughts. I’ve also got a couple of other books I need to review. Some better than others.

It’s cool here today after a week of above average temps for the area it’s rather nice to have some chilly rain. We’ve also had a series of brush fires not too far from here. While driving down route 1 the other day I looked to the sky to see a giant plume of smoke. It wasn’t something that I found typical so I wondered what the hell it was, later while watching the news I learned of the brush fires. So the rain is really good for the area. I wish I had my rain barrels finished!

What have you been doing?