Book Review Monday: The Decorated Journal: Gwen Diehn

Gwen Diehn is another one of those authors that I’ll like just about anything they put out for me to read. This TDJ is no exception  to this rule. Her books are usually a good mix of instruction and inspiration, and this one is no different.

There are fantastic images throughout. This books differs from some of her other books in that there is very little bookbinding instruction, it’s mostly about making and creating an art journal.

If you keep a text only journal this would be a great book to pick up for idea and inspiration.

It’s got loads of ideas and material, how to use them to begin art journaling. One thing that I really like is the Diehn cautions a beginning journaler from buying every material and option out there, the keeping it simple and really learning your material will allow the artist to create a more evocative journal than using every material and option available. I like that, I like that A LOT!

Even for a more advances art journaler this books is a great inspiration. It’s jam packed and I find I can open it to any page and find a little inspiration.

The great things about Diehn is that she doesn’t rely on gimmick nor premade "stuff". So her books never read like an advertisement for a product or company. She suggests simple materials used well for fantastic results.

I give this books 5/5 binder’s needles and 2 enthusiastic paint covered thumbs up.

You can get it here on amazon.