Sticky Fingers

Let's talk about sticky fingers. I had a space pen, I loved my silver space pen, I bought it fine refills and used it more often than any other pen I've ever had. I used it in my journals, I used it at work and it survived dropping it on the hard cement of the receiving dock, dropping on industrial tiles, and repeated washings only to be stolen by a coworker who makes around $100,000+ per year. Yeah, that's right, I know who took it. Some one above me in the company, who makes about 3 times my salary in a year. Granted the model of space pen that I had cost only about $20 (silver chrome with clip) but I'd had it for close to 3 year and I had just put a  new refill in it. It had been in numerous photo shoots for my website and had been a constant companion on trips, at work and many people had asked me about it. My pen had been "borrowed" before but had been returned. This time, though, I know that I'll never see my pen again. Why? I don't work in the same office as the person who took it and it's been 4 months or so since the pen was snagged.

So, I'm getting a new space pen, brushed chrome this time, no clip and I'll keep an eye on the higher ups when they are around.