Admin Note: Trying to call me?

Quick administrative note: M<y cell died a few weeks ago and I lost all my numbers!!! I also didn't have a cell for close to 2 weeks. For a cell phone hating person, who got one only to throw in the car, it's been a bit hobbling. I don't wear a watch now- I check my cell for the time. I use it as a phone book, all my important numbers were in there, and everyone texts me. I may not talk on the phone but I get text messages.

Shortly before it died a friend was telling em she was getting a dog. Yay! Then my phone died.

Argh. So if you've been trying to call me, and haven't been able to leave me a message or been trying to send me a text and you got a message say something about the phone being unavailable- well it was.

Now it's  back and I can complain about it again.

I'm going to write numbers down in a book though. I'm missing everything.