Those of you who know me either in real
life or through the wonders of the internet know that I have a few
diverse and seemingly divergent interests and that occasionally I can
be somewhat single minded in the pursuit of those interests, to the
detriment of the other interests.

I've had a few interests that have
lasted most of my life; art, sports, engines (the sports associated
with them, and bikes. I've also had a few interests that were
passing; such as electronics, various art supply based arts, and
other assorted things. Typically one or two of my various interests
overtake my free time and I pass the others not quite by but they get
pushed aside. As a result I owe a bunch of people some apologetic
email. I'll get those out at some point in the near future.

Anyway, my recent obsession has been
about as opposite from art and journaling as it can get. I've been
working on bikes; a pretty much lifelong obsession for me, at least
until 10 years ago when I was riding and hit by a car. While I was
not hurt badly it did turn me off from riding a bike until this pat
summer, when I started to ride my bike, bought a cruiser bike and it
all went downhill from there. I started to ride for health and it
went from there. Now I'm helping my friends buy bikes craigslist,
repair, update and modify them into something that they won't be
embarrassed to ride.

It's an addiction. It's pretty cool to
buy a bike with a nice frame, fix it and then ride it.

So anyway, I've made a few books,
mainly recycled, over the last few months. I've also been exploring
some of where I want to go with my bookbinding. Now that it is
brutally cold here in the NorthEast I'll be making books more.