Say What?

I like to buy new bone folders. I like to shape and grind mine to perfect shapes for me… Well I went to Michael's and bought a Martha Stewart bone folder, Great shape, crisp white color. Looks good.

I get home and greedily open my art purchases. They looks good. I pull the folder out. It comes with a frosted little pouch to keeps it clean and safe. I pull it out, it feels oddly light, but stiff and good. I tap it and it sounds…. Wrong.

So I looked at the back and find it's made of melamine…

That substance that the kids in China are dying from ingesting, yup that's the stuff. Great. Luckily I don't chew on my tools.

I do believe that it is false advertising to call it a bone folder when its not made of bone. Other companies that make items like this call them paper folders or folders, not bone folders to call it that is misleading.