Etsy Update

I'm having a fast paced weekend here at
the Comfortable Shoes homestead. I had an old friend and artist come
over for dinner last night, we spent the evening eating good food,
catching up and chatting about an art project she has in mind. It's
always good to talk to other people of an artistic persuasion and get
a different perspective, I find it inspiring.

We're due to get more snow and I'm
pretty much ready for spring. I've been planning my garden for weeks
now and this latest addition of snow is unwelcome. I want to put my
rain barrels out and dig the rest of my garden.

I've loaded up some fresh new jotters
to etsy and you can find them here. I've got a variety of interior
papers-, put white, gray, 24lb 25% cotton, and some nice 1984 dot
matrix paper.. The covers are a variety of colors and images.
Something for everyone.