Studio News

Okay so I've had a few whirlwind weeks.
Mostly good. Some exciting new:

I finally bought a paper shear. Yes the
tool I have wanted for years, about 5, and eluded me on price until
now is in my possession. I can't believe I held out on it for so
long. It amazes me how much faster I can make books when I'm using
this fantastic piece of equipment. Some technical notes:

I bought a 12inch shear, meaning its
largest cut is 12 inches. I'm regretting not going for the 17inch
model, but 12 inches is very good. I can cut entire reams of regular
paper with it! It cuts through 250 sheets like it's nothing. Amazing!
I'm able to trim my hedgehogs, jotters and matchbook notebooks with
ease and multiples at a time. I'm so happy.

Second exciting news, related tot eh
shear. Years ago I bought a box of 80's computer paper at a salvage
store, the old green and white variety. I'm able to chop it and use
it now. How exciting is that? 1984 called and it wants it's radical
paper back.

The best news for last. I'm working
with GoodKarma another etsy seller who makes fine handmade things.
She is making super sweet cases for my jotter notebooks, they fit
perfectly some in great color combinations and are very well made.
I've been using mine for a few weeks now and everyone who see's it asks
me where I
got it and comments on how great it is. I'll get some pictures of it
in action and post them up. But I'm super excited about the
collaboration. You can find her great work here and all my jotter
notebooks fit her covers
! Awesome.

I've listed a whole load of jotters up on etsy this past week and over the course of the next few weeks i"ll be changing the prices to reflect my new pricing structure. I have a vast color selection of covers available, dont' see something you like? Send me an email and I'll let you know if I have something that might strike your fancy.