Quick Update While My Car Warms

It's 17 degrees up here in Mass and My car needs warming so I don't freeze my fingers off. So while I warm my car I figured I do a brief update.

THe paper shear continues to be my most significant purchase, ever. I suspect it has cut the time I use to make books in less than half. (Pun totally intended.) I'm able to run through jotters and matchbook notebooks so fast it's amazing. As a result I've lowered the prices on my  jotters, I'm now offering a 6 pack for $7.99 plus shipping. I'm still working out a new price for the matchbook notebooks, but you can expect to see a drop in their price as well.

I picked up some great paper for hedgehogs a few weeks ago at charette. I snagged several hundreds of sheets at a great price and I've stitched up 10 blocks so far. I trimmed them and will be gluing them this weekend and maybe even adding a few covers. I had stopped doing hedgehogs because to get them trimmed I had to take them to staples and it cost 50 cents a cut, which sounds like not alot until you realize each block takes about 3 cuts and I could only get one of the guys to stack 3 blocks in the machine the other would only do 2 at a time. So as you can guess it was pricey. Again the shear to the rescue. In less than 10 minutes I was able trim all 10 books to the right size with great straight edges.

Anyway you can find the jotters with he new price in my etsy shop. I hav a ton more in different colors and papers, email me to find out more.