Earth Day

WEll, i'm a day late for earth day but I hope everyone out there had a great Earth Day we had a warm sunny day until about 2pm here in the Boston area and it was great for the activities we had at work. I had alot of fun and worked very hard. It was great. But that is my DayJob and sadly I was unable to do anything with my books for the day.

However my books are great for EarthDay! Celebrate a belated earth day by sending a friend a set of my recycled journals!

So here is something new for me. I'm on twitter! You can follow me: LessHerger and read my inane updates but also get some weekly discount codes. I'm updating weekly with a discount code for my etsy shop. Some weeks it might be 5% off, some weeks $1 off, occasionally 10% off and here and there I'll do free shipping! Direct Mesage me for more info or how to redeem the code or go to my shop policies page for the details!

Obviously I'm pretty excited about it and hope that everyone  will sign up for twitter and follow me.

Also I was featured on the Etsy Bookbinding Team's blog here.

I have a lot of jotter sets and journals up on my etsy page you can see them here.