Happy Holidays

I hope everyone out there had as fantastic holiday week as I did. Sure I worked most of it at my DayJob but I spent a long weekend at my family's place in Maine. It was cold and crisp in coastal Maine but it was nice. I could have done without the snow while I was there but it was pretty. I also saw a dozen or so deer grazing in the fields, they were slightly wary but not overly so, on set of 4 didn't even mind when I pulled out of the driveway in my car, they watched me leave, their tails twitching, but they didn't stop eating for one minute.

I didn't make any books while I was there, nor did I work in my art journal. Instead I soaked in the pure wilderness of coastal Maine. I took some long walks around the farm and visited my family. I had a  quietly great time. I hope that everyone out there reading had a great time as well.

Upon my arrival back to Mass I've readied myself for listing a bunch of new items I'll post links as I list.