An Ode to the Large Jotter

Not so much an ode but I am definitely in love with the new size of jotter. Because the covers are stiff but flexible they roll and fit into a back pocket easily. The page size is perfect for extended journaling as well as larger sketches and doodles. Now that I have a desk job I can bring the larger size in my bag more easily. I don't have to have my notebook secreted away in a pocket anymore so this size is perfect for me. The number of pages is JUST right for a month or so of journaling. So if your participating in a 365 project these larger Jotters would be prefect for that sort of thing.

Anyway. I'm loving the new size and because of that I'm going to keep making them! IF you haven't tried the large size of Jotter you should. I'll offer 10% off to anyone who buys a large jotter set over the next week (ends May 17th) use discount code CSStwit4  in notes to seller on etsy. YOu can find the large jotters on my etsy shop here.

Some examples above.