Collaboration is so sweet

OK some interesting happenings in the land of books, atleast
interesting for me and hopefully all you who read this!!!

Sara of GirlsCanTell blog and etsy shop and I are
collaborating on a project. I’m mailing her a stack of unfinished covers and
some finished jotters and she’s going to print some of her completely awesome
screen prints on the jotters and covers. She’ll mail the covers back to me and
I’ll stitch them up into books. I’ll sell the books on my site and she’ll sell
the finished printed jotters on her site. I’m really really excited about this
collaboration because I really LOVE her work. I’m a big fan of diagrams and sunscreens
so to have someone who does a combination of those 2 things working who likes
my work is an awesome feeling. So it will be really cool to get the finished
artwork and photograph the process! ROCK ON!