the project of AWESOME

Okay I've written ever so briefly about this before but I'm on it again. Sara of GIRLSCANTELL website and etsy shop and I are collaborating on some some pocket sized journals. Yeah, if I say so myself AWESOME!

Sara creates these fantastic designs based on diagrams. Essentially she draws something then diagrams it. They are super cool and fantastic. I'm not alone in my love of anatomic diagrams, as she has one of the human heart and it's superb.

What we did was exchange some items- and I've snet her some uncut untrimmed cover material. She then printed on them with a variety of silkscreens and in a variety of colors and mailed them back to me.

Sometimes in the next few weeks I'll pair the covers with fantastic papers and stitch them into great jotters. Pricing will be determined later and we'll both have them up in our etsy shops.

I love collaborations like this. I love to see what other people do with my jotters. I know that they are great bases for expression as many of mine have doodles and decorations on the covers. It's just great seeing what someone else does with the same materials.

some pictures below:


The opened envelope!

brains! This will make 2 small jotters!

Vintage typewriter goodness!