Realization; and buying local

Last night on my way home form work I was tempted to stop at Charette, the art superstore. As I went to merge into the right lane, I remembered it had gone out of business and I was hit with a moment of sadness.

I have to wonder how long before  all we have left as artists and crafts people to purchase supplies from are large big box art and craft stores or online retailers?

I want to shop for supplies as I create, small and handmade. Charette may have been a larger retailer but it was Mass based (right out of Woburn where the superstore was) and I felt good about going there. The older guy. Arthur knew my name and knew I always came in looking for watercolor and pringtmaking paper and that I shopped the clearance area for paper pretty heavily.

Right now, just thinking about never beiong able to walk in and buy some great HMP I'm pretty sad.