Enjoy it While We Can

Living here in the NorthEast allows for some pretty spectacular events, one of my favorites is the changing of the seasons. Spring brings with it bright greens, cool rains, and a brightening of the sun. Summer brings bountiful flowers, yummy floral smells, and in general some much needed heat. The time period we are currently in, the change from summer to fall is my favorite. The days are still long, the sun still hot, but nights cool and the harvest is soon upon us. This is my favorite time of year. I can switch from t-shirt and shorts to my favorite pants, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and lightweight jackets. I move from sweating all day to being comfortable. It's a glorious time. Hopefully next year this time of year will also be marked with a personal harvest time. This year's rainy spring led me to no garden and a sad pear tree.

A friend of mine on facebook said it best "better enjoy it while we can." This transitional season lasts but a short time and soon the trees will be bursting with color, the winds will remove the warm mass of air sitting on us, the oceans will cool and we'll be headed into the hard cold days of winter.

So how shall we best enjoy this season? Personally I'm putting on some pants, a wool sweater, packing my sketchbook and watercolor supplies and heading to the beach and downtown area to sip a latte from Atomic and sketch some of the buildings and life of Beverly, MA. If I'm feeling really saucy I'll hop the commuter rail to Salem and head to Derby Square to sketch the old buildings and strange peeps in the area, and grab some great food for lunch. For today I suspect I'll stay local, and venture out on foot.