For those of you who remember, back in the day I used to do a few zines*, and I've been thinking of doing another. Some of who who do remember are probably breathing a sigh of relief that I've not finished another zine, those of you who were of my few fan who bought or traded for my zine back-in-the-day are probably frowning right now.

I have ideas, oh man, do I have ideas. But I am having issues committing them to paper. OR I commit them to paper and I immediately decide they are not good enough for print or to go to the effort of scanning and printing, or I tell myself that scanning and resizing them will make them illegible and who wants to read a zine that is written in illegible chicken scratch.** Especially if it's resized and warped chicken scratch. Furthermore the idea of taking the pages that I've been thinking of as for the zine and transcribing them makes my head twitch, really it does.

So I keep thinking in the back of my mind: ZINE ZINE ZINE, I get to a point where its time to work on it and I have all kinds of mental excuses that stop me from actually working on the zine and allow me the excuse of "It won't work." So rather than working on it, I spend my time tweeting, browsing the 'nets and not working on it.

SO As my first step BACK into zine world I'm hoping to scan pages from my art journals. Some will be printed in black and white and others in color, we'll see how that works. I have a feeling it's going to be a big pain in the arse. Which of course will be another GIANT excuse not to work on my zine. It's been a long time, i think the longer it's been the harder it is to start working on it again.

*To Avoid Suffocation from 1998 to 2000 6 issues, The Pocket Rocket from '99 to '02 and it had about 15 issues. MY print run at the largest for TAS was 100 zines. I also did a slew of one off "Art Zines" I have another 15 or so of those to my credit. These were done under the names LessH, LessGull (long stupid story) and simply Less as well as some email addresses.

**A teacher once referred to my handwriting as cockroach droppings on paper. I know this is probably a quote from a book but it really does credit to how BAD my handwriting really it, unless I really try or I'm writing in a particular style or have JUST done some calligraphy my handwriting is the epitome of lazy.