art journal decency guidelines

the decency guidelines:

  1. If I use images from another artist I will give credit.
  2. If I publish, via the internet, that derivative work I will credit the artist.
  3. If the artist asks for credit I will give it. If the artist wishes the image removed I will remove it ASAP
  4. If I notice my work online, I will ask for credit or ask for my art
    to removed. I will give reasonable time (24+HR) for compliance.
  5. I can rant and rave on my blog but I'll be respectful. I won't marshal my troops and sic my followers onto the offender.
  6. I will respect the work of all art journalers no matter what I
    personally think of the work itself. I won't make fun of the work out
    there for other to see for that artist has taken the time and effort to
    put a piece of themselves out there for others to see and I know that
    it would suck to have that done to me.