Art Journaling without Bull Shit

 Below you'll find a list of art journaling technique videos available for FREE on youtube, Vimeo and Blip.

This is a list of peeps I' think make videos without too much bull shit. You won't need to fast forward through half the video to get to the techniques being shown, listen to minutes of inane babbling before you get to the real thing your there for. IN no particular order and with commentary:

  • MIllande. Her videos kick serious butt. She focuses straight away on technique. It's all how to and what to do with a serious focus on real techniques and not expecting you to create in her exact style. Information without BS. She does do classes but she does a ton on youtube.
  • Willowing. Some BS but a lot of video of her making art. A lot of videos of her making art in journals. She shows her techniques. She also does online classes.
  • SamanthaKira. She's occasionally a little long winded and occasionally she gets into scrapbook mode but her videos are filled with technique and little to no BS.
  • TheOneMinuteMUse The one minute muse has videos that are all about 1 minute in length to give you some ideas to start creating.
  • GaryReef gary reef is not technically an art journaler but he has hundreds of videos up on youtube all about art and making art, and he makes some of them in his underwear. 
  • ArtCentrix Not cute art. Love that. No BS either. The techniques are pretty clearly detailed and shot.
  • TheArtJournal. No BS here either, just video of the artist working

If you have any links to a youtuber without the bull shit leave a comment and I can add it to the list. I"m going to make this a "page" that will be links on the left of my blog all the time.