Deliciousness at Mad Cap Coffee

Deliciousness at Mad Cap Coffee
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I’ve been digging the coffee lately. Mainly decaf in the evenings and caffeinated in the AM. It’s bcome something of a ritual in the evening to make my decaf.

1.5 cups of filtered water into the microwave for 2.38 minutes
1 scoop of fine ground coffee into my AeroPress
1 scoop of sugar into the cup
Take temp of water as it exits the microwave, 175 degrees is perfect.
Pour water into press, to the 1 mark
Add water
Add milk

Then I sit down and watch TV, work on journals or make books.

Tonight I’ll be sitting down and considering what I’m going to make out of all the luscious paper I tore down last night. Small chunky journals with recycled covers? Leather? Paper? Simple? Complex? Fun? Funky?