I finally decided

I made the hard choice and I've decided to move all my items over to artfire. I'll keep the etsy shop open and switch it over to sell art. I don't want to completely shut it down. I'm attached. I'm silly like that. I"m not leaving it like I'm leaving eBay, that was a horrible mess, etsy is more like… The girlfriend you stopped calling becuase you didn't want to listen to the drama and slowly over time you drift apart.

In other news I found a cache of Arches text wove in my studio I"d totally forgotten I had. I bought something like 25 full sheets of it a few years ago for a project that fell through. I'm not even sure where I bought it, how much I paid or exactly when I bought it. Go figure. It's been down there awhile. Also I thought I only had one package of Fabriano artistico but it turns out I had 3 left, and a package of some other paper I can't remember the name of. I know it's 100% cotton, possibly rag, smooth cold pressed (almost a hot press but not quite) I ripped down all the sheets into nice chunky sized pages. I've got those all torn down into nicely sized pages. I'll be stitching them up this week.

I also have a stack of pages from a project that totally fell through. They are my problem pages. they measure 8.5×11 inches, and are already folded. Unfolded they are 11×17 inches. A useless and total pain in the arse size it you ask me (it's my blog so I guess I'm asking me.) I'm not sure what to do with them so I'm thinking of tearing them into landscape sized pages. But the jury is out on what size they end up.

Over hte next week all this paper will get stitched up into cool new journals.