This morning is a surprise

Lately I've been very happy to be a live yet morose at the same time. We got word that my Mom has to have open heart surgery. She was born with a valve that is defective and it survived with no issues until now. It has 2 flaps rather than the 3 it should. A whole group of things happened to cause that valve to be leaky. Other than that one issue she's fine. THey stuck a camera up her artery (catheritization the DR's call it) and her heart is in great shape. Which makes the prognosis very good. In fact they are giving her a very fast recovery time and say she'll be back up on her feet in no time.

Its one of those things though that no matter how many times the DR has done this surgery that it scares the crap out of you and worries you. So on November 19th I'll be a little more quiet than normal. Maybe a little pensive and perhaps a little crabby, bear with me and understand.

In other news… I found a cord that fits the camcorder and I shot some videos last night. I'm loading one up to blip right now, as a matter of fact it's been downloading since last night. Not kidding, and it says it's got another 9 hours to go. Not good. It will look amazing. I need to figure out a better size to shoot at and a better size to convert to. Do I need to convert to avi or can I leave it wvm? I have no idea as I'm not great with video, but I'll learn.

I wonder if the hospital in Bangor, ME has wireless? Anyone know?

The video I'm loading up is a sketchbook flip of my winder and spring art journal from last year. I've also got a video of my summer art journal as well as my current art journal. The last thing I've shot video of is my newest project which is to use a "trash" item to journal in. I'll film the entire project, start to finish.

Anyway. I need to head to work so that I'm not jobless.