This Week’s New Videos

So I've uploaded a few new art journal videos over the last few days. It's been a deluge of them, it's fitting as it's been raining like crazy here and I've been stuck inside. I also found out that my digital camcorder that I bought almost 2 years ago is VERY compatible with my newer computer. It was hell to use with my old computer but it seems the Vaio and the JVC play well together. Windows movie maker is faster and works better on the Vaio as well. SO it makes making and uploading videos that much faster.

This is a journal progress page:

An old art journal from 2001, never shared online before:

A journal made for me by a friend. Love this journal. It's a perfect size.

Expect more videos more often from me.I'm hoping to do some more instructional videos now that I can work this camera and have it interact easily with my computer.