Quick Update

Okay. So I'm home and on my very own personal laptop. Can I tell you something? Using someone else's laptop is weird and I don't like it one bit. I feel like I"m invading their privacy and I don't have any of my links or anything like that. Also I can't work on any of my stuff. I've got stuff I'm working on!!! Like videos and pictures and STUFF!!! Its hard to do that when you've got it saved on your laptop or external hard drive.

last night I loaded up a short (-5min) video showing some pages I was working on while I was in Maine. It's not my best video but it's something. I'm pretty happy with it given what it is. I played around with adding some effects and transitions. I'm working on what Christie calls "my editing skills." As of right now they are abysmal. So I'll keep working on that. I've also loaded up some images from my journal to my flickr. You can go see them if you'd like.

In my future plans: I'm opening a NING site! Yes, all about art journaling and how to keep an art journaling, My hope is to create a site where not only myself but others can teach classes on their techniques. I'm still working on the technical issues with the site. I'm hoping that after Thanksgiving I can work on the pages and those technical issues. 

I'm hoping to do another product review entry/ video coming up soon. I'm thinking something about colored pencils. Any thoughts? Any suggestions? I'm also considering watercolors. Mainly becuase these are something I have on hand and many different brands. (I have an issues with an inability to walk past a clearance rack or a sale…)

I'd also like to do a video on a simple book binding technique. So some plans of what I'm hoping to do over teh next few weeks/ month.