You GUYS Rock!

Last week I made an appeal on here for people to head over to my artfire shop. (That appeal still stands BTW) And something happened. You guys, the anonymous readers and not so anonymous readers tweeted my information, facebooked my information and helped spread the word about my shop. Sales are still slow. I'm thinking it's becuase Artfire is a new venue and people don't trust it. It might be my mix of products. Who the hell knows. I don't. But views of my shop skyrocketed. I had over 1200 item views and 2050 studio views. That's huge for me in a weekend. Keep tweeting the stuff you like in my shop.

I also received a donation. It came with a heartfelt note and I'm not ashamed to admit it, I teared up. It means so much to me that someone (I'll keep him anonymous unless he wants to have me write about him) values what I do enough to give me a donation to keep doing what I'm doing. I can't thank you enough. At that person's urging I've put a donations link onto my blog. You can see it at the lower right. I promise when everything becomes profitable again it'll come down.

Do you want to pimp your shop? Post a link in the comments of this post. Seriously. I'll tweet it, I"ll facebook it. I'll write about you. Want a review of your items on here? Send me something. I want to start a weekly post (on wednesdays) of websites, blogs, etsy and artfire shops. You guys helped me pimp my shop and I want to help push yours.*

I'm starting a Ning group. I"ll be doing some classes. Don't worry my YouTube videos will keep coming. I will ALWAYS do free videos on techniques and tips. But like I said in my last post I got bills to pay and I have to make my shop and blog be somewhat profitable so I can keep doing what I love. Otherwise it's a second job for me.  But in the Ning group I want it to be a group of people offering classes not just me. Think about it if we all work together to create a super-Ning group where we all have classes it will be awesome. I'm letting this idea ferment and I'm working behind the scenes on some of my ideas for it, but I Want to hear what do YOU want to see in classes from me? In other people? Do you want to teach classes? What classes do you want to teach? Poetry? Writing workshops? Lettering? Bookbinding?  Comments

*I"ve been doing some reading on search engine optimization and apparently it works best to boost views if you do a post rather than a static list (like a page on the side of my blog) becuase it adds "weight" to the links. I'm not exactly sure what that means but I'm going to run with it.