Cleaning the studio

I have several places in the house where I make art. One is in my studio, another in the office in my comfy chair and on the coffee table in the living room. Lately it's all been in the office. I've got a ton of journaling supplies and what not up here and I like it. Well I was in my studio looking for paper not long ago and pretty peeved at myself, the place was an abysmal mess. It had sort of become a dumping ground for my art supplies and anything C might think was an art supply.

So i headed down and started cleaning. 2 hours later I have my bench cleared, well, mostly. Some book supplies moved to where they should be, some paper stored where it should be. Paints put away. Glues all in one spot and the recycled materials put where they should be. I've got a ton of materials for books covers and no matter what I do, unless I cut them to size they look like trash… Maybe becuase in some sense it is trash. 

I realize I need 2 of those 4×6 foot metal garage shelves to really store some of my crap in a more organized way. that's not a thing that will happen until next summer I think but it will need to happen, eventually. Right now I've got some of those plastic storage drawers but they don't deal well with the weight of paper… I used to have some of those metal storage shelves. I had them painted blue and my roommate said they made my room look like a warehouse.  When I moved they did not survive. Too bad I could use those now.

I've got a lot more cleaning to do but I'm glad to have a really good start on what i need to do for tomorrow.