It’s been a Bumpy Road

One of the comments on my last post was "When are we going to see more of YOUR stuff again ?" or something along those lines. Phew, hopefully I can get something shot this weekend and up on youtube in the beginning of the week. I've got 4 more videos to shoot for the course and then 3 more PDF for that as well.

The video editing has been a bumpy road. I switched programs and had to relearn a lot of stuff with the switch and that was hard. Anything done with the Windoze MovieMaker had to be fixed and essentially totally redone. Now the videos are DVD quality and the files are HUGE. They take a great deal of time to load to the internet but it's worth it in the end. I also learned that I need a lot more light in the studio. The videos are slightly darken than I would light. So i'm working on some new lighting.

After I figured out the new program (Corel VideoStudio) I then didn't realize that the files sizes were over a gig, that took me a week to figure out. I'd leave thigns to load over night and I'd wake up to find they hadn't loaded. So I had to trim 30 seconds and compress the videos again. Sometimes I'm dense.

The good thing is everything is going smoothly now. I suspect my next workshop to go much more easily. I'm going to start working on that as soon as I'm done the videos for this one. I"m going to go intermediate on you all and do a long stitch tutorial with my style of false headbanding and no kettle stitch. It's going to be great.

SOOOO> I"m hoping that I'll do a video this weekend, and get it up to youtube. I promised somone a video on creating tabs in your journal, so I'll start with that.