Recent SPAM comments

Hey all, I'm sorry for the recent influx of spam comments. I'm not sure how they are getting through the  word verification, they must be real people… I don't plan on withholding comments for approval I'd rather leave things as they are currently and delete as they come up. Just don't encourage the spammers by clicking the links. I'm usually able to delete them first thing in the morning. But man, how annoying!

Tonight I'll be working on the PDF file for the class and this weekend I'll open up registration for the first running of my first bookbinding class. YAY! I'm still up in the air about the price and length of time. I'm thinking a month for the time and keeping it low priced in the $20 range. This is a building block class.

Anyway sorry about the recent spam commentary and just tossing some ideas out before I head to work for the day!