March and April Upcoming Events

Monday starts the March Art Journal challenge! I’m pretty
excited to see how this whole thing looks across the month to see how I work my
journaling into the month. I’ll be shooting lots of videos that’s for sure, and
I’ll be posting them here and on youtube.

So there are no real rules that go along with this challenge other than opening
the journal up each day. Even if all you do is meditate on the prompt with the page
open.  There is no need to finish a page
or spread in your journal either, just to open the journal and work. If a
prompt inspires you for a full spread/page then so be it, go for it, if not
that is fine.

I’m excited. I’m also working on the details for the next
How to Make Your Own Art Journal, Long Stitch! I’m trying to plan this one out quite
a bit better so that next weekend I can start shooting. I’m hoping to go live
with it April 1st. This one should be awesome. I’ve got better
lighting up in my studio, learned more about my camera and the editing
software. In short it should go smoother on the behinds the scene action. I’ve
also taken into consideration some of the feedback I’ve gotten on my first
class. The feedback should make the pdf downloads much more useful and