March Art Journal Challenge

At I started a workshop called the March Art Journal Challenge. The idea behind it is to give myself and others a kick in the seat of the pants to crack open their art journals every day in the month of March and do a little something. The goal is not to finish a spread or page but to add something to the journal everyday.

Each day will feature a prompt of some sort. The prompt could be a single word, quotes, a technique, material, image or link to a blog.

The prompts will be hosted on the ning group here. It's a free workshop so head on over and join the challenge!

You can post pics in the group for everyone to see and their will be discussions about  the challenge in the group. I've picked out a bunch of fun, weird, quirky and unusual prompts for this challenge, this will not be your run of the mill list of prompts!

Use the "tweet this" link below to get the word out to more people, the more people who participate the more fun it will be! Lets see if we can get 100 people signed up for the challenge!