Workin’ out the funk

I have ecclectic musical tastes. Everything from 60's era hits to punk to club remixes. I like a lot of it. I"m not a big fan of country or your usual soft pop hits, but I can' listen to it and not twitch, most of the time. I am a huge fan of a lot of moody mosic, Radiohead, Tori, Metric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs etc. But when one is in a funk listening to your usual fair of depressing music is not a good idea. It just drives me deeper into the rut.

So I sought out I've been listening to Kristin Hersh's music for a long time, I love Throwing Muses and have loved them for a long time. NOw I download their music, donate to the cause and search it intermittently for interesting stuff.

Lets face it sometimes some driving rock music is what you need to get out of the funk. I answered Donita Sparks questions right and won a free download of her music. Sweet. Female based hard rock, LOVE IT and just what I need for my funk. (This music is not for everyone.) No need to download it either, it streams online for free too. Great stuff.