Art, and Art Journaling Out of Security

One of the things I wrote about in my last blog post was
that summer that I grew up in 2002 and I spent a good part of my time making
art and selling art. What a glorious summer that was. Part of that glorious
feeling, other than my waking at 6am to go to the beach to draw and paint was
that I was actively selling my art. I was pursuing something I loved. So this
summer I’m going to try and recreate that summer of glory.

The real question is how I shall go about doing such a
thing. I’ll need a plan. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do a daily drawing or
painting. But I may be able to set a goal for myself of 3 per week. These will
be in addition to my art journal/sketchbook. Real artworks completed outside of
a sketchbook. Small, as I like to work. Price based on size, and inexpensive. It’s
just sort of an idea I have as I look at the tons of paper I have stored up and
the loads of art supplies I have on hand… Maybe some landscapes and some mixed
media…  I’m still in the thinking it over
stage of things.

I’ve had an idea of creating a “support group” of sorts on artjournaling.ning
for people who want to work in their art journals in coffee shops, parks, en
plein air, in their cars or just outside of their home. I’m struggling with
naming it. I was thinking of calling it “Art Journaling Anywhere but Home” or “Get
out of the House and Make Art” or “Art Outside.” Anyone out there have any
brilliant names?