Technique Tuesday: Doodle and some text

Doodle and some text
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I decided to  start a new feature on my blog. Every Tuesday I'll take an Art Journal image of mine and dissect the techniques I used to create it. Welcome to the new Technique Tuesday!

In this image I started with raw paper. In this journal I'm working with Stonehenge 140lb printmaking paper. I drew the image to the right and then wrote on it with a Pilot G2 gel pen. I allowed this to fully dry. I then used liquatex heavy body acrylics and a wide flat brush to spread the paint out. I allowed it to sit heavier in some mares. I did not attempt to get a even coat. I wanted to obscure some of the writing. I worked quickly to avoid lifting the gel pen. The G2 is water soluble even after allowed to fully dry on absorbent paper like Stonehenge. I used my heat gun to dry the acrylic fully. I then used my caran d'ache watercolor crayons to outline the drawing of the face. with a waterbrush I smoothed this out and allowed the color to blur. I dried that with my heat gun. I added some additional color with the crayons.

You can see the full sized image and get a lot of detail by clicking on the thumbnail above and clicking the "see all sizes" button above the image that comes up.