Twitter Hand Experiment

I've written before about how important I think social media is for artists. It lets us connect with our friends and also fans. Early this AM I got kind of bummed about my difficulty with drawing hands so I set up a bunch of tweets about how much my hand drawings sucked and how I wanted people to tweet me pics of their hands. This am I had the brilliant idea of seeing if I could get someone who's art I really enjoy to tweet me a pic of her hands. So I tweeted at Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls, AFP, Evelyn Evelyn) this tweet and a little bit later she tweeted this back at me. My friends were already tweeting pics at me but after that I had a deluge of hand pics. I encouraged people to follow me because after I draw their hands I'm going to tweet photos of them. I followed everyone who tweeted a photo to me.

This is one of the more awesome experiments I've done with twitter. I've got a massive stack of prints of hands and a massive archive of hands to draw, and guess what? I'm going to draw them all.

You can draw along with me, I'll put up links below for some of the hand pictures so you can draw them too.

Links to the tweet with links to the pics in no specific order:


















@artmodelandrew– this guy has a whole series of hand pics all sorts of poses!













If there are more I'll update the list, feel free to draw along with me, as I draw them I'll post them.