Bookbinding on Ustream

I've been ustreaming myself working on the Facebook Face Experiment over the last few weeks. It's been a blast. I'm running out of pages in my journal so I need a new one. On next week's (7/19) Ustream I'll be live streaming a little long stitch bookbinding action. If you want to follow along you'll need the following materials:

Thread:  I'm going to be making a big ass sketchbook with poster board pages so I'm going to use heavy hemp cord.

Wax: A candle, this helps to keep your thread from tangling

Needles: Always have more than one on hand, in case they break or go missing I'll be using either a #16 or #18 needle

Paper: I'm using poster board cut to 10×20 inch sheets and folded in half. 4 folios in a signature. 10 signatures total.

Stiff Paper for the cover or fabric or leather or… whatever. I've stitched together a sandwich of paper, poster board, and fabric to make my cover. You will need something that is stiff or you can join together 2 pieces of board with fabric or leather.

An awl or a thumbtack to make holes through your signatures and the spine of your cover.

If available a hole punch to punch holes through your spine, if you don't have this  you can use a thumbtack or an awl.

Ruler, to measure stuff.

More info to come!