How I came to be a Johnny Cash Fan

Growing up my grandparents listened to Johnny Cash, mostly his devotional stuff. I hated it mostly because my tone deaf grandmother sang a long. Like her I feel the music deeply but I'm completely tone deaf and have zero rhythm. Unlike her I chose NOT to sing along for the happiness of all who are around me.

So for the longest time I had this really negative view of Cash. It was funny anytime I'd hear his music I'd kinda tap my toes then think, "Ack, its cash, yuck!" Then I got a little older and liked his stuff, but I was never a huge fan, that is until I got this crap job.

The summer I worked part time I got this crap job working at a group home for elderly adults with developmental delays. Most of the time my job was pretty easy, I cooked, I cleaned, I made sure people took their meds, watched TV and brought my art and craft supplies for evening shifts. It was pretty sweet now that I think about it. Part of my job was to drive a minivan around to where ever these people wanted to go. I used to plan picnics to the park, drives around town and trips to the qwickie mart.

These trips were always a lot of fun mostly becuase this one old lady was seriously obsessed with Johnny Cash. When I mean seriously obsessed she had just about every Cash album ever made, on cassette. Some of the stuff was vintage and some of it was bargain basement $1 bin junk. Every trip she'd bring 2 or 3 tapes and we'd pop 'em in. I'm telling you right now you've never felt pure joy until you've ridden in a van full of special old people singing along with Johnny Cash at top volume.

Seriously it really got me loving Johnny Cash.