Stuff to do

This has been an amazing summer for me. I started the Facebook Face Experiment a few weeks ago and I've gotten a mass amount of faces to paint. Many aren't on facebook as the senders have emailed me the image. I'm working my way through the stack. Next week on my Ustream I'll be doing a face in color, I think anyway.

I also started the Twitter Hand Experiment which you've read about on here a lot. Good stuff too. I feel a lot more comfortable with drawing hands now and I've developed a technique of blending graphite with acrylic to make a wonderful cool gray.

I was featured on 30 Day 30 Journals project by the wonderful Connie. Each day of this month she's featuring a different art journaler, we've all been asked the same questions, so it's really neat to read all the answers. The other great thing is that she's got people like myself who have been art journaling for 10+ years and those who have been art journaling for 3 months. Great perspectives. 

Jonathan Manning bought a building to turn into a gallery, artist's studios, teaching space and all sorts of awesome. I'm looking forward to visiting OK and teaching a class there. He is also doing the Artistic Biker Live a live UStream broadcast of him art journaling, it's not so much a how to show but a romp around people chatting, discussing art materials, and Jonathan working in his art journal. The other great thing is that often his daughter will join him and make art with him. It's pretty amazing. He broadcasts every Thursday night at 8pm EST and the show lasts about 2 hours. It's great stuff.

Following Jonathan's lead and tutorial, I started UStreaming myself. I have to say it's pretty awesome and addicting. I'll be streaming live content every Monday at 6pm EST. Right now i'm chatting with people and painting faces from the Face Experiment. You can check out the recorded stuff here.

I've decided to do another class. I wont' be ready to run it until Sept. but I'm well into writing the lesson plans and outlines. Once I get that done I'll be able to work on the PDFs. The idea behind it is that it's a beginners drawing class. It's old skool style drawing exercises that teach you how to use your tools and train your eyes to see. I'm planning on a ton of downloadable PDFs with step by step photos as well as live streaming broadcasts set up class style. the whole idea is to give people confidence in their use of tools and get them practicing drawing.