Technique Tuesday: I pity your judgement

image from this page I wrote out an intensely personal entry in a thick ball point pen, pressing hard into the thick soft stonehenge 140lb paper. After I had done that I use a credit card to scrape a REALLY thin layer of red paint over teh top of the writing.

I then doodled a face in sumi ink on the right page which was painted a pale blue color. I used a waterbrush to blend that into the blue background. I wanted to have an area to write on the right side so I used some white acrylic paint to cover up some of the blue. I sealed the sumi ink with some gloss gel medium. After that had dried I went back into the eye area and added the white of the eye.

I watered down some blue acrylic paint and dripped it from the top of the page. After it had dried I used a white watercolor crayon to outline the drips and pop them out a bit.

After the whole thing dried I wrote on top of it with a gel pen, it didn't write so well so I went over it with an elmer's paint pen. On the right side the gel pen wrote well enough so I sealed it with gloss gel medium and after it had dried added some highlights with watercolor crayon.

I discovered, by accident, on this page, that if you brush gel medium over gel pen it lifts and blends it quite well, it continues to lift the ink as it dries. Which could be a very cool technique to try out.