Can’t Sleep

I’m back at the DayJob, vacaation is over. I love the people I work with, enjoy my job and find it to be generally a good time. Today my first day back from vacation I’m exhausted. I slept poorly last night after letting my body dictate it’s natural daily rhythms for a week plus a few days. Getting up at 5am was a shock to my system. Driving at 6am was even more of a shock. Sitting in my 80 degree office for 7 hours was even more of a shock. I was beyond busy all day, righting wrongs and finishing things and doing stuff all day.

It keeps my mental lines clear but by the end I feel as though I’ve accomplished nothing. It’s not like when I spend a day painting or working in the studio, or hell even the garden and I feel accomplished.

Don’t get me wrong I like my job but it’s certainly NOT my passion.

Tonight exhausted I nearly canceled my UStream. Instead I took a 15 minute power nap, awoke not so refreshed and decided to plow through the show. It nears 9:30pm here and I’m still wired and excited by the art I made. I spent 2 hours chatting with like minded people. I’m jazzed. I’m excited about art.

If I didn’t have to head to the DayJob tomorrow I’d stay up late and begin working on a canvas I have in mind, a Birth of Venus riff that I think will be hilarious. It’s a response to a nasty comment I got on yelp and I think my idea could be kinda fun. But this is the kind of thing I think of when I’m done with the show. More art, more ideas, more more more.

What I’m not thinking of is the DayJob.

That troubles me to a point as I need to be invested in the DayJob  until December of 2011.

Shall I start a countdown?