If you’ve been following me for any period of time you’ve noticed that I’ve been painting a lot of clouds and sky images this summer. There are many reasons for it, I love to stare at the sky and clouds have always inspired and intrigued me. I wanted to spend some time really looking at them as they floated across the sky. The other thing about clouds and the sky is that it’s ever changing. In 20 minutes the sky is totally different from the moment before.

Capturing the clouds and the sky is an exercise in speed due to its constantly changing nature. The studies are small on purpose so that I ‘m spending a short amount of time on them. The larger sized paintings are based on these observations and I use the studies as a starting point. I might change the colors and shapes but the essence of that moment is realized in the finished image.

So here is my starting point:

cloud study

And here is my first layer of paint:

Clouds on board