Headed Out

In years past I used to get up early on my days off to go to the beach and spend some much needed alone time painting. Dane Street beach is amazing in the early morning light. As the tide heads out into Salem harbor it leaves behind a pattern in the sand that is just too cool. I would walk out with the tide for hundreds of feet and only be in water to my ankles. The cold Atlantic ocean chilling my feet. Shrimp and litle crabs rushing away from me as they cruise in the shallow water.

Most Saturday or Sunday mornings there would be 2 or 3 women doing yoga in the shallow water. The early AM light would silloette their poses into simple black with a golden glow. Arms and legs dripping water.

Anyway, it's a great quiet place to go and paint in the early AM. Maybe tomorrow I'll make it in time to watch the women do yoga and walk out into the bay. I've missed the chance today.