Keep it clean online

I used to worry a lot about the stuff that I put online. Was it okay to post a blog entry about my sinus infection or my haircut or how I laid out my studio? Should I or should I not swear on my blog. Do I post that drawing of a nekkid person? These are all questions that have gone through my brain on one occasion or another.

I’ve read stuff, online, telling me I shouldn't do any of the above. My language should always be professional. I should never blog about my personal grooming habits, or illnesses. It’s unsafe to blog about the layout of your home.

So I question, what the fuck can I write about? (see what I did there?)

I started blogging anonymously under a pseudonym and changed all names to something funny. I gave no one I knew in real life a link to my blog. I didn’t want it to be associated with me. I wrote openly and honestly about my life. The blog was huge to me. It opened the doors for me to learn how to keep a “real” blog like this one but it also blurred the lines as to what is and is not appropriate.

I try and stay mostly professional but I’m not afraid to curse, I tell you all about my hair, if I’m sick, you know, and frankly I blog about my opinon if I want to.

Still I get people saying, “Should you have blogged that?” To that I say, “Man, life is a journey. If I should have blogged it, I’ll know somehow over time.” This blog is part of my journey.

But for those of you with questionable online experiences you can go and have one of these guys clean up your online presence for you. Me, I’m glad that my first blog was deleted when the server was destroyed.