Little things

Sometimes it's the little things in life that take your breath away.

I got home from work today fully intending to spend another 3 hours working from home. I noticed on my way in that some of the peaches on my tree were ripe. I dealt with the big stuff first, letting the dogs out, dumping the work laptop, taking out the trash and getting the mail.

Then I walked straight across the lawn to the tree, picked a ripe peach from it's limbs and bit in.

Still warm from the sun, the fuzz tickling my upper lip and juice running down my chin I realized, its things like this simple pleasure of eating a warm juicy peach in my ghetto oasis backyard that make everything worth it.

After that the DayJob slipped from my mind and I shifted gears from DayJob (that gear was totaly slipping all day anyway) back into artist mode. Colors, senses, emotion. Or maybe it was gardener mode as I looked at the rust spots that have transfered from my pear tree to my peach tree.

I also realize that I'm not a city girl. The farmer's genetics runs in my blood, the knowledge of care for plants, though I neglect them, is there waiting for a time when I'll use it. Biting into that peach makes me want to resurect that knowledge and care better for my trees, yard and myself.



I also realize that if I see one more god damn bird pecking at my peaches I might have to invest in a BB gun and learn how to enjoy sparrow. I"m only partially kidding, next year I'll be investing in a net to keep the damn little bird off the peaches.