one last cloudservation pic

It’s been a long hard working weekend. I can say though, with 100% certainty that it was well worth it. In an off the cuff moment I offered to donate three 16×20 canvases to an Aunt-in-laws fundraiser for her cancer treatment. I could get on a soapbox about how the political parties’ bipartisan politic ruined healthcare reform and due to that the Auntie has to rely on the kindness of friends, family and strangers to raise the funds to pay for her most recent round of cancer treatments. Having seen my grandfather go through similar courses of mind bogglingly expensive treatments and eventually having no choice but to die in a hospital when what he’d wanted was to die peacefully at home, but his HMO didn’t cover the care in his rural area.

It sucks.

So I ran out purchased 4 (hey bogo sale at the art supply, why not) 16×20 canvases and started painting. I’m using my cloudservation sketches as a basis for these 3 paintings as well as a few other paintings. I’m really enjoying working at the larger scale. It’s rather freeing and liberating in a way the smaller work isn’t. The small cloud studies are also very freeing but it’s their speed of capture that makes them so.

I’m currently looking for places to show my work. I’ve got a list of 7 places in the area to contact but I’m willing to drive for a bit to get my work hung. Got ideas? Leave a comment or email me, my address is on the left somewhere.

I’m calling it quits for the evening with all the paintings I’ve been working on, it’s time for bed. Here’s a quick snap of the cloudservation I’m donating for the fundraiser (if they accept it) I suspect I’ve got 2 or 3 more layers of paint to apply. Definitely more zinc white and a few touches of cad yellow light. Right now I’m happy with the progress I’ve made on it so far.