I have PVD also known as Post- Vacation Depression. I’m sure most people with a DayJob know the feeling. You return from vacation on a high note only to return to the humdrum reality of the DayJob and it gets you down. Gone are the days of waking up when you want and doing what you want. Let’s face it there is a build up to vacation where you’ve been waiting and waiting for it until it’s a reality. Vacation is a brief light in the tunnel, only to be snuffed out when the scheduled time ends, leaving you back at work.

It does not help me that my first week back was not normal I was greeted by an attempt to get an exhaust leak and strange noise fixed in my ’08 car. I was also scheduled for some forced socialization with my coworkers. What I like to call “everyone nervous drinks and the next day we all gossip about who drank too much.” I have a rule about work social functions; no more than 1 drink for every 2 hours of forced socialization. That way I remain sober, I nurse a drink like I’m social and I can leave at any point and be able to drive. It’s worked for me for the last 5 years.

I woke everyday last week with the “Man, I have to go to work, again?” feeling and really wasn’t ready for it, what I really need at this point is another week off. I also try and schedule my vacation to coincide with the Machias, ME blueberry festival, but miscalculated and scheduled a week in advance, this was due to many issues but the major one being Christie heads back to school for real next week. This week was all orientation and she would not have been able to go to Maine with me had I scheduled for this week. I’m bummed because the last Blueberry Festival I attended was sparsely attended by vendors and was brutally hot.

I love Maine in August, but Maine in September and October is even better so I’m hoping to schedule myself off for a long 4 day weekend in which Christie and I can head to Maine get in some hiking and photos as well as some more relaxation.


All that being said, I think this week will see an end to my PVD.