Some UStream Links

Today in my UStream I gave a tip on how to fix a warped and damaged canvas, with something as simple as water. I did a tour of my studio and explained everything… Then I did some shout outs and worked on a previously damaged canvas. I did a canvas with lots of color and running of paint.

Sadly it didn't record. I'll have to do another studio tour when I finish the cleaning.

And I have more damaged canvases so I can do my magic fix the canvas trick.

Here's some link love from the show:

Juriaan's twitter also his UStream

Connie of DirtyFootPrintsStudio

Jan Fox's Class on Message her directly for more info

Willowing's World Of Whimsy

JournalArtista on UStream

The Artistic Biker

Poe made a journal based on my UStream instructions!!! (Video link)

I'll get some pics up of the art I made during the show.