Update on the Painting for Oasis Studio

I wanted to give you all a quick update on the situation with the painting I’ve been doing for Oasis Studio fundraising. I had planned on putting it up for 5 day auction on Tuesday (Aug 25th) of this week. I ended up having to work very late that night and was not able to get it varnished nor photographed to list before I collapsed in bed for the evening.

Then came Wednesday with pouring rain and high humidity. I varnished and the varnish took forever to dry. When I went to bed it was not yet dry. As I use a waterbased varnish I couldn’t simple snap pics anyway, as the waterbased varnish is milky.*

Yesterday I didn’t have time to list it before Blade’s show.

So I decided to wait until next Tuesday to start the 5 day auction, which will end on a Saturday.  I’m kind of bummed that the weather and my DayJob would not cooperate to make this a go for this week. But I’ll get better photos over the weekend and I can spend some time on the listing instead of hacking it together.

*I KNOW better than to varnish on a rainy day. This was sheer stupidity on my part.