What’s going on

Upcoming stuff!

The ZINE (top Secret Project!) will be available for sale as of 9/1/2010. We’ve got some great stuff going into it and 6 great contributors. See the post at ArtJournaling.Ning.com I’m very excited. The money for this round is going to support the site as well as to help put a roof on the studio building of one our members.

I’ll be UStreaming every Monday at 6pm EST from my studio. This is exciting for me as I get to showcase my art and bookbinding.

I’m selling my art on Artfire now. Currently I have some hand paintings from the Twitter hand experiment up and some cloud studies. You can see them here.

My drawing class will go live September 6st. I’m going to start to sell spots starting a little later this week, you can learn more here and purchase spots from there. Cost is $35 per spot and the class will last Until the End of October. 8 weeks of intense drawing instruction and ideas on how to mix it up with mixed media materials. It’s going to be great.

I'm really really excited for all the great stuff going on this fall. This fall will be simply amazing!