all kinds of awesome

21 Secrets is all kinds of awesome. 21 Amazing artists all doing classes together. I love to be a part of a community like this. It’s simply amazing to me. I’ve been cruising through the classes checking out what other people are doing and I’m loving it. Connie has created something brilliant. For 6 months you have access to some of the most creative minds in art journal, all for about $3 a class. Think about it 6 months $3 for one of my classes and then 20 other classes for about the same. It’s pretty friggin’ brilliant.

It’s the best value out there.


So let’s talk about how artist’s are getting paid. I get paid both if you click my link and if you click someone else’s. Granted I get more if you click my link and I’ll love you forever if you do but I won’t hold it against you if you click someone else’s link. In fact I won’t even know, when the artists get paid we don’t see names- just dollar amounts. Connie is the only one who sees names. that’s okay with me.

You see, it doesn’t matter to me if you pay me or you pay another artist the larger amount of money. I’m excited to have you onboard, I’m excited to have people learning more about art and this awesome artform I’ve been doing for the last 10 years. I want to get to know you, have you join and learn more about art journaling.

When I signed up for this I told my partner I didn’t care if I didn’t make a penny off my class, I was so excited to meet other artists and get to know all the people in the workshop. that remains true. So I ask you to follow this link to my complete information page about 21 Secrets and either click my payment link or follow a link to one of the other very deserving and awesome artists and show them some love. We’re all in this together and I want all the artists to know I support them 100%. And I want you to know just how damn awesome this series of classes will be