First weeks

The first couple of weeks of any online class are usually filled with minor but annoying tech issues. This class seems to be no exception. I was unable to find the first week’s video anywhere, and then redid it, only to find the original video hidden in the edit video section of UStream. Then I had what seemed to be a calm week with the tech. I figured that I’d worked out the kinks and things would be smoothing sailing from here on out. I apparently thought too soon.

I received a DM on twitter from a wonderful honest person who told me my private classes as soon as they were saved were appearing for all to see on UStream. This is not something I would be able to see as I’m signed in. I signed out and sure enough there they were. Frustrated and angry I started looking at other sites. I signed up and checked out and tested about 15 different sites. One had the capability to go private, if I paid them $350 per month. Another wanted $25 a quarter (doable) but the videos only stayed on line for 6 days and there was no way to download them. MY frustration built up until I was at a fever pitch. Frankly the LIVE video portion of UStream with the chat is exactly what I need for my classes. It MAKES the class what it is. It allows me to toss information out, students to “raise their hands” and question me in real time. It’s damn near perfect.*

So as my carriage was about to turn into a pumpkin the simplest solution hit me in the forehead. In my panic I completely looked past my account. I ran my last class in hi def video in 10 min 2 gig chunks of video. I pay for an account to keep it private. The simple solution: After my show I mark the archived shows as “private” then download the .flv file to my computer and then turn around and load it to blip. Sure it takes TIME but that I’ve got, sort of, but it’s also a secure and easy things to do. Because it’s in an .flv file I can load it up with no quality changes. Blip doesn’t have to process it anymore, .flv is what it broadcasts.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of the simple solution first. Panic, it makes the head cloudy.

*I’d love it if the chat showed up on the screen as I broadcasted, but as is I can do that with another program. I’d also love higher quality but it’s not bad as it is, and pretty damn clear.